Water in the Gowanus Canal

gowanus. march 9, 2013.
bought a garage neighboring the gowanus canal two years ago and turned it into a courtyard house. the simple act of opening a space to the sky is remarkably powerful.
a few images come to mind:
1) watching from bed as the F Train rounds the elevated track to the south, snaking towards our building like a river–unrelenting and seemingly infinite–reflecting the morning sun in its corrugated aluminum skin. to the east the Kentile sign, once illuminating the benefits of asbestos tile. actually a stable material the benefits of which far outweigh the negatives, below the trestle, elaborate counterweights that raise and lower the roadbed mark the egress of the Gowanus Canal.
2) first snow, falling silently into the courtyard.
3) four feet of water at the base of our two-block long neighborhood, inundating the lower section, including a glass blowing studio, complete loss, and us, spared only by a few feet of additional elevation. Debris littering the length of the street parallel to the canal, testament to its destructive reach.
Ideas of generating electrical power independent of the grid…


Photos by P. Baumann