[Pratt Architecture Midterms]

This week, instructors Philippe Baumann and Michael Su conducted the Midterm Review for their undergraduate architecture thesis course (Arch 503 : Degree Project) at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.
The guest reviewers included:

  • Erika Hinrichs, Chair, Pratt Architecture
  • John Lobell, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • Zehra Kuz, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • Adam Elstein, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • David Maestres, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • Jeffrey Hogrefe, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • George Weiner, Registered Architect, GALE Associates
  • Lawrence Blough, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • Tristan Bel, Director of

The following students presented their work:

  • Oliver Allaux
  • David Lam
  • Steven Newton
  • Gloriana Arias
  • Jeremiah Fordham
  • Ryan Harvey
  • Matthew Kipel
  • Leila Jada
  • Dong Soo Koo
  • Lauren Odell
  • Yuanyang Teng
  • Suchita Shah
  • Arianna Lebed

Please stay tuned for a video compositing all the student presentations! In the mean time, check out the photo gallery of this event.

All photos by Michael Su

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