is Launched!

Today, is officially launched and open to the public! We’re looking forward to our first on-site study program, [New York], with the topic “Pervious, NYC”. Our instructors have defined their individual Themes. In the next few weeks, we will complete the curriculum and get the word out.

When I first moved to the city, almost 3 years ago now, I was struck by the contrast between the quiet and luxurious environment of the skyscrapers and the noisy bare streets. I wondered: what if the space in between the buildings could be of the same quality? What if the streets of New York were more welcoming to the pedestrians and the cyclists? How would that transform the way people connect with each other? How would that impact their well-being?

I look forward to serving our fine instructors and inspired participants so that we can foster deep learning and offer solutions to the problems the city of New York is facing. And that’s just the beginning…

Here is our crew. For more photos of our Launch Party, please see the GALLERY.

SITREP Crew at Luanch Party [New York] 2013 : Chris, Philippe, Carla, Ed, Michael, & Tristan