Grand Central Terminal, c. 2013

The Team recently took a preview tour of Grand Central Terminal in advance of our New York study program. We would like to thank Daniel Brucker, Director of Public Relations at the MTA, for the rare opportunity.

Our New York City study program will be visiting Grand Central Terminal for an in-depth tour of this remarkable, historic building.



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Jonathan Kirschenfeld to lecture to

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Jonathan Kirschenfeld, AIA, noted New York City architect and founder of the Institute for Public Architecture, will deliver a lecture to on Friday, 19 July.

Mr. Kirschenfeld is well known for his many projects in New York City, and especially for his Floating Pool.

Please see his New York City here.

Prof. John Shapiro to lecture at


We are very please to announce the participation of Professor John Shapiro as Guest Lecturer to [New York].

Professor Shapiro is Chair of the Center for Planning and the Environment, at the Pratt Institute Graduate School of Architecture. He was formerly principal of Phillips Price Shapiro Associates, Inc., and previously worked for both BFJ Planning and the New York Landmarks Conservancy. Besides his academic work and many publications, he has extensive, continuing involvement with the planning of New York City.

Prof. Vikram Bhatt to lecture at


It is my great pleasure to present Professor Vikram Bhatt, Professor of Architecture at McGill University. Professor Bhatt is a renowned expert on human settlement problems in developing countries. He will be presenting a lecture to on Friday, July 5th, about his continuing work to solve the food/resource crisis of mega cities. [Pratt Architecture Midterms]

This week, instructors Philippe Baumann and Michael Su conducted the Midterm Review for their undergraduate architecture thesis course (Arch 503 : Degree Project) at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.
The guest reviewers included:

  • Erika Hinrichs, Chair, Pratt Architecture
  • John Lobell, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • Zehra Kuz, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • Adam Elstein, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • David Maestres, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • Jeffrey Hogrefe, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • George Weiner, Registered Architect, GALE Associates
  • Lawrence Blough, Professor, Pratt Architecture
  • Tristan Bel, Director of

The following students presented their work:

  • Oliver Allaux
  • David Lam
  • Steven Newton
  • Gloriana Arias
  • Jeremiah Fordham
  • Ryan Harvey
  • Matthew Kipel
  • Leila Jada
  • Dong Soo Koo
  • Lauren Odell
  • Yuanyang Teng
  • Suchita Shah
  • Arianna Lebed

Please stay tuned for a video compositing all the student presentations! In the mean time, check out the photo gallery of this event.

All photos by Michael Su

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Water in the Gowanus Canal

gowanus. march 9, 2013.
bought a garage neighboring the gowanus canal two years ago and turned it into a courtyard house. the simple act of opening a space to the sky is remarkably powerful.
a few images come to mind:
1) watching from bed as the F Train rounds the elevated track to the south, snaking towards our building like a river–unrelenting and seemingly infinite–reflecting the morning sun in its corrugated aluminum skin. to the east the Kentile sign, once illuminating the benefits of asbestos tile. actually a stable material the benefits of which far outweigh the negatives, below the trestle, elaborate counterweights that raise and lower the roadbed mark the egress of the Gowanus Canal.
2) first snow, falling silently into the courtyard.
3) four feet of water at the base of our two-block long neighborhood, inundating the lower section, including a glass blowing studio, complete loss, and us, spared only by a few feet of additional elevation. Debris littering the length of the street parallel to the canal, testament to its destructive reach.
Ideas of generating electrical power independent of the grid…


Photos by P. Baumann



IMG_3959-gowanus-2 is Launched!

Today, is officially launched and open to the public! We’re looking forward to our first on-site study program, [New York], with the topic “Pervious, NYC”. Our instructors have defined their individual Themes. In the next few weeks, we will complete the curriculum and get the word out.

When I first moved to the city, almost 3 years ago now, I was struck by the contrast between the quiet and luxurious environment of the skyscrapers and the noisy bare streets. I wondered: what if the space in between the buildings could be of the same quality? What if the streets of New York were more welcoming to the pedestrians and the cyclists? How would that transform the way people connect with each other? How would that impact their well-being?

I look forward to serving our fine instructors and inspired participants so that we can foster deep learning and offer solutions to the problems the city of New York is facing. And that’s just the beginning…

Here is our crew. For more photos of our Launch Party, please see the GALLERY.

SITREP Crew at Luanch Party [New York] 2013 : Chris, Philippe, Carla, Ed, Michael, & Tristan Launch Party

Please join for the public launch of our website!

3pm Sat. 02 March 2013, 16 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Join us to celebrate the launch of and the open application of our summer study program, “Pervious, NYC”, which will take place July 01-28, 2013 in New York City.

The Launch Party will take place at The Courtyard House: Philippe Baumann Residence. (Closest Metro: F G at Carroll Street, just two blocks away.)

Visit [City] for more information on our on-site study programs.

RSVP to this event on Facebook!

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